Gift Ideas for Children With Autism

autism gift ideas

Holiday gift shopping can be a tricky thing. Selecting gifts for children with autism can be challenging depending on where they are on the spectrum. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind the child’s developmental ability rather than their age when selecting a gift.

In this entry, we’ll share a few gift ideas suitable for children across the spectrum.

Gift ideas for children with tactile sensory needs

  • Microwavable plush toys are good because they can be heated or cooled depending on the preference of the child. Many come with an aromatic filling that is also soothing for the child.
  • Play-Doh is a very popular choice for children because of its ability to be kneaded and squeezed.
  • Kinetic sand is a cool hands-on idea that can help children develop their fine motor skills.
  • Vibrating toys that can be held against a child’s skin are soothing. Good ideas include vibrating pillows, animal-shaped massagers, vibrating balls, etc.

Gift ideas for children who enjoy movement

  • Rope ladders that can be hung from the ceiling can be exciting and challenging for autistic children, and nurses their curiosity for exploration.
  • Trampolines are a healthy alternative to jumping on your furniture. Children love them for the thrill of bouncing off the mat into mid-air.
  • Spinning or rocking chairs mimic the movements that many autistic children crave and enjoy.
  • Hammocks provide a smooth, swaying motion found to be soothing by many autistic children.

Gift ideas for children with visual stimulation needs

  • Lava lamps are soothing to look at. Also, most will change colors, tapping into the child’s happy and creative side.
  • Plasma ball lamps that respond to the child’s touch with light displays are a great visual toy.
  • Gears sets with various different sized interlocked gears can transfix a child as he or she spins them to see how they all interact.

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