Developers Build Game That Simulates the Experience of Autism


Autism has exploded in prevalence in the United States in recent years, and more and more parents are forced to learn how to properly care for children who suffer from this disorder. While most parents eventually learn what it takes to make sure that their autistic child is as happy and healthy as possible, few people truly understand what it’s like to have to live with this condition every single day. A team of computer developers in Vancouver, British Columbia, however, have come up with a new video game that provides a glimpse into this world.

There have been several different articles published with regards to this program, and these articles tend to describe what it’s like to play this game. Nearly everyone who has experienced it has come away with a much deeper understanding of what life is like when dealing with this condition. For the most part, unfortunately, their experiences have not been positive in that they begin to realize that nearly everything that the rest of us encounter on a daily basis can be extremely stressful for someone with autism.

For instance, the computer game shows people who play it how visual things in our daily lives tend to be more intense for some people. Examples that have been mentioned include clouds that sparkle and a blue sky that is extremely intense to view. The situation turns ever more stressful when the computer game deals with auditory stimuli. Many sounds that people make will sound like screams to the point where the brain is overwhelmed with noise, and this can and often does lead to the outbursts that children with autism and their families endure.

While the game has been seen by many as a real breakthrough in the ability of everyday people to understand the nature of autism on a deeper level, there is one obvious but very important difference – people who play the game can always hit the reset button or simply walk away from it if it becomes too much to handle. Children with autism do not have that choice and they are forced to find a way to work through their difficult periods.

Hopefully more people will be given the opportunity to experience this game or some other simulation that provides them with this deeper perspective, as the level of suffering that a child with autism endures is difficult to understand. That’s why children who are diagnosed with this disorder because of a mistake made during their birth by the medical professionals who were overseeing that process are harmed in a way that is difficult to quantify.

That’s also why parents of children who have been harmed in this manner need to take action to make sure that they have the resources necessary to properly care for these children. If your child has been diagnosed with autism because of a medical mistake that occurred during his or her birth, contact the New York medical malpractice lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.