4 Kinds of Brain Damages Caused by Birth Injuries

Any form of damag57adb76eb78fee caused to the brain under development either before, during, or post birth can lead to cerebral palsy. Birth injuries are basically damages that are inflicted during the phase of pregnancy, or at the time of delivery. Majority of the birth injury cases take place before the child is born, and a modest percentage of the injuries occur at the time of delivery.

Typically, there are 4 basic kinds of brain damages inflicted as a result of birth injuries. Keep reading below to learn about them and the severity of damage:

Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)

This kind of brain damage is a result of reduced blood and oxygen levels being supplied to the brain at the time of childbirth. Moreover, HIE is one of the most preventable brain injuries caused during childbirth. This damage often causes the termination of brain cells and tissues, largely in the newborn’s motor cortex prone to developing cerebral palsy. However, it may also stem in the course of pregnancy. In case HIE happens during pregnancy, it can possibly lead to another form of brain damage known as periventricular leukomalacia.

Periventricular Leukomalacia (PVL)

This condition takes place when the white matter in the brain dies as a result of loss of brain tissue. This white matter in the brain facilitates the brain to grasp new things and function appropriately.  PVL is particularly caused by reduced supply of blood to the periventricular division of the brain. The white part found here is made up of nerve fibers that pass on signals for motor function. PVL is a result of reduced oxygen entering the fetal part of the brain, and can take place along with bleeding in the same region. Furthermore, placental malfunctioning can also cause PVL.

Intracranial Hemorrhage

Simply put, bleeding that takes place in the brain is known as intracranial hemorrhage. And fetal stroke is one of the most prevalent reasons behind this brain damage. When the blood vessels in the child’s brain are blocked or impacted, it leads to stroke, followed by hemorrhage.

Furthermore, high blood pressure, and placenta complications with the mother can also lead to intracranial hemorrhaging. Another common cause of brain bleeding is Pelvic inflammatory disease, where an infection develops in mother’s reproductive system.

Cerebral Dysgenesis

Abnormal development of the motor control center in the child’s brain could be a result of any kind of hindrance in the brain development. This condition signifies the nonconforming growth57adb7b503505 of the fetal brain. When the baby’s head is directly injured during the course of or post delivery, it can lead to cerebral dysgenesis. Infections in the brain can also lead to the development of cerebral dysgenesis by transforming the genes in charge of improving motor function.

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