Your Child Should Never Sit In The Front Seat Of The Car! Here’s Why…

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In the US alone, there are about 800 children under the age of 12 who have died in a motor vehicle accident. A lot of these crashes could have been easily prevented if the driver or guardians of the children had taken the necessary precautions. So, here’s what you need to do to keep your child safe.

Know the Rules

All children in your car should be buckled properly and it’s the driver’s responsibility to make sure that they are. Babies of 2 years or under should be placed in a rear-facing car seat in the back. When your child has outgrown the car seat, you should get a forward facing car seat that is buckled in the back seat as well. This car seat should be used until the age of five or until your child reaches the appropriate height and weight.

When your child has outgrown the car seat, you should get a booster seat that’s buckled in the back seat as well. The booster seat should be used till the child is old enough to wear seat belts properly. If the seatbelt lays on the child’s neck and stomach, it’s not a good fit. A booster seat should only be taken out when the belt lays on the child’s thighs and chest.

The Risk and Dangers of Not Buckling Up

Children are lightweight and if they are not buckled properly, they could break through the windshield if the car collides. Also, if children are in the front seat they can get seriously injured or even killed by the airbag during a frontal car crash. The safest spot in the vehicle is the middle seat in the back. Set a good example for your kids by always wearing your seatbelt.

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