New York’s “F” Nursing Home Grade

According to a recent report, New York is one of 11 states in the US to receive an “F” grade from the Families for Better Care’s Nursing Home Report Card. This is partly due to New York’s lack of minimum nursing home staffing standards, as most states require.

Many New York nursing homes are understaffed, resulting in poor quality of care and a deterioration of the health conditions of residents. The Long Term Care Community Coalition’s (LTCCC) latest studies also reveal the widespread use of excessive and unnecessary antipsychotic drugging of residents throughout nursing homes in New York. According to Brian Lee, the Families for Better Care’s director, “New York represents what’s terribly wrong with nursing home care and oversight in America.”

What Is Being Done to Resolve the Issue?

New York legislators and other advocates have some ideas for minimizing this growing problem. For example, starting this summer medical recipients will be required to enroll in a privately managed care plan as a prerequisite for receiving nursing home care. However, the LTCC is concerned with this proposal. Their concern centers on the fear that such plans will only contract with nursing homes that offer the most attractive, or low, pricing. These attractively priced nursing homes would most likely not offer the best services.

The New York State Department of Health may be making the situation worse by discouraging these plans from imposing any quality requirements on the participating nursing homes. Thus, services or the number of care givers will probably suffer as a result of nursing homes dropping prices to be more competitive for the new plans.

What You Can Do About Nursing Home Abuse

With 107,000 residents currently in nursing homes throughout New York, and another 40 percent of New Yorkers over age 65 projected to eventually need nursing home care, the numbers are definitely growing. Sadly, the problematic issues surrounding nursing homes also continue to grow. However, there are legal options available to those who are being neglected or abused in New York nursing homes.

Nursing home abuse can take many forms, including neglect, physical and emotional abuse, and financial manipulation. If you suspect a loved one is being abused in a New York nursing home, contact the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York City. With extensive experience aiding those who have fallen victim to nursing home abuse, the Fitzgerald Law Firm can help you with your individual case.