Will Bono Play Again After Bike Accident?

bono bicycle accident

Musician and leader of the Product RED campaign Bono is publishing an account of his year after a bicycle accident in New York that discusses the singer’s plans for the future, according to recent reports. The singer also discusses his fears that he may never play the guitar again due to his injuries.

Calling the bicycle crash a “freak accident,” Bono, 54, recounts his struggle to recover from an arm broken in six places as well as a fractured eye socket. His hand, should, elbow and face were all injured, and recovery has taken longer than expected. His elbow was replaced with titanium after the accident.

Bicycling Accidents in New York Often Serious

Bono’s crash, while not necessarily typical of New York bicycle accidents, does illustrate that a bike collision can have serious physical consequences. The singer took a spill in Central Park while trying to avoid a collision with another cyclist, a common problem on crowded streets and bike paths. Even more common are collisions or falls precipitated by interaction between bicyclists and cars.

According to New York City’s data on bicycling crashes, cycling is gradually getting safer. However, although there has been a 75 percent decrease in the risk of a serious crash since 2001, statistics still show that there were 12 fatalities and 393 serious injuries in the city in 2013.

How To Handle a Bicycle Crash

It is important to remember that a bicycle crash is often only the beginning of a victim’s problems. Many who have been injured in a bicycle crash are often victimized a second time when insurance companies and others try to refuse them compensation. It is common for a bicycle crash victim to be blamed for the accident or for the insurance company to try to pay off the victim with a very small sum of money. However, there are ways for the victim to fight back without spending a fortune.

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