Pedestrian Deaths Down in New York City

pedestrian deaths all time low

The year 2014 is special in New York City because it is the year with the lowest recorded pedestrian deaths since 1910. According to Mayor de Blasio, “There is no question we are moving this city in the right direction, thanks to stepped-up enforcement by the NYPD, strong traffic safety measures by the Department of Transportation, new laws passed by our legislators, and the work of New Yorkers fighting for change.”

Though the Mayor specifically spoke on the pedestrian death toll being lower, this year has seen a total of 250 traffic fatalities. This number includes bicyclists, automobile drivers, passengers and motorcyclists. Despite the high number, fatalities are down more than 13 percent from last year, making 2014 the second-lowest year on record.

Brian Zumhagan, spokesman for Transportation Alternatives, stated that “These numbers are an encouraging sign that New York City can reduce the number of traffic fatalities and serious injuries with a sustained effort to improve street design, enforcement and public safety education.”

As of December 28, 2014, 131 people had been killed in pedestrian accidents in New York City this year, according to the Mayor. He stated that “This year shows that when we put the force of government and the will of the city behind a goal like Vision Zero, we can get results and make our streets safer.”

Vision Zero

Vision Zero is a program and policy goal that envisions eliminating all traffic fatalities. 2013 saw 177 pedestrian deaths, but 2014 saw a 26 percent lower death toll. In 2007, the previous all-time low, there were 142 pedestrian fatalities. The program has implemented black box devices in taxis as well as worked to rebuild dangerous arterial streets. These streets, which only make up 15 percent of the total road network in the city, are the sites of more than half of all fatal city crashes.

Pedestrian Accidents and Personal Injury

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