Two Teens Dead After Driver’s Ed Crash

fatal driver's ed crash

According to reports, two teenagers are dead following an accident involving a driver’s ed car and a tractor-trailer.

The incident occurred around 10:20 a.m. at an intersection that is regulated by a blinking light. Reports show that the driver’s education vehicle was occupied by the driving instructor, who was in the front passenger seat, while one of the students was at the wheel and three other students were in the back seat. The vehicle was hit by a semi-truck as it passed through the intersection. Police say the truck had the flashing yellow light. According to Police Lt. Thomas Maslanka, “It was a very, very strong impact. It pushed the sedan about 25 yards down an adjacent street where it came to rest.”

Officials and locals say the intersection has been a problem in the past. According to Town Supervisor Michael Sweeton, “We have requested numerous times to have a blinking light turned into a fully functional traffic signal. We believe that that’s a safer way to handle this intersection. So we’re hoping that if anything good can be had out of this tragedy, we can get that intersection made safer.”

The accident claimed the lives of two of the students in the driver’s education vehicle. Reports reveal that the victims were Antonio Baglivo and Paul VanDoran, both 16 years old. The two others students, Lucas O’Connor and Claudia Krebs, both 16, as well as the 60-year-old instructor were seriously injured. Police say that Krebs was driving at the time of the accident. The driver of the truck was not seriously injured.

The driver’s education class is sponsored by Goshen High School. The crash continues to be investigated by authorities, though no one had been ticketed or charged.

Can a City or Municipality Be Responsible for an Accident?

While most accidents are the fault of one or more drivers, there are instances when accidents can be the result of dangerous road conditions. When a road is poorly designed or maintained, or a dangerous condition is not corrected, the victims may have grounds to bring a personal injury suit against those responsible. In many cases, this may be the city or other governing body.

It is important to note that police investigations rarely indicate a dangerous road as the cause of an accident. However, that does not mean that the city or other party is not responsible for the accident. If you have been involved in a severe accident caused by a dangerous intersection, promptly contact an experienced personal injury lawyer, like those at the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York. We can help you determine if your accident was the cause of a bad roadway design, maintenance problem or other dangerous conditions.