TriBeCa School Denies Admission For Autistic Child

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Administrators with the Washington Market School are in a bit of hot water after the parents of a three-year-old autistic child was denied admission after being diagnosed with the condition. They have filed a federal discrimination suit against the school.

The SoHo parents say they received a letter of acceptance for their child in late February. The acceptance was rescinded just days later when the mother told school officials about the child’s diagnosis.

The school itself never tested the child and no admission requirements are listed on its website. Even stranger is the fact that the parents say that – while touring the school last fall – they noticed a number of special-needs students, one of whom even had a one-on-one personal aide.

The parents who filed the suit even offered to cover the costs of an aide for their child themselves but were rejected.

We’re Passionate About Autism

Autism is a subject we’re all too familiar with here at the Fitzgerald Law Firm. U.S. health officials estimate that one in every 88 children is diagnosed with condition annually. We love children, and are passionate about prosecuting cases on behalf of those who have been diagnosed with autism.

While the severity of symptoms associated with autism can vary greatly from one child to the next, some general telltale signs include:

  • Difficulty with nonverbal communication skills
  • Delay in learning to talk
  • Trouble in continuing a conversation after it has started
  • Increased attention on parts of a toy rather than the whole
  • Inability to establish friendships with same-age peers

While the exact causes of autism remain unclear, there is a wealth of information linking autism with medical malpractice and exposure to harmful toxins like lead paint. Children are especially susceptible to developing autistic-like symptoms from lead paint exposure because of their affinity for putting things in their mouths.

If you feel your child has developed autistic-like symptoms from exposure to toxins or malpractice, contact the Fitzgerald Law Firm today at 800-323-9900 for a free consultation.