Too Many C-Sections in the U.S.?

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Every year, nearly one of every three babies born in the U.S. are delivered by cesarean section (C-section). Is that too much? A recently released study from Consumer Reports suggests C-section births in the U.S. are at epidemic levels.

Too Many C-Sections in U.S.

The World Health Organization has stated that the ideal C-section rate for any country is between 10-15 percent of that county’s birth rate. Here in the U.S., the C-section rate is 33 percent. Even more eye-catching is the fact that 221 U.S. hospitals were found to have C-section rates higher than the already dangerously high 33 percent.

Interesting note: six New York hospitals opted to withhold their C-section rates from the report.

The rate has skyrocketed so much that, in 2014, the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology attempted to rein in the number of C-section procedures.

Why Be Concerned With Number of C-Sections

When they are necessary, C-sections can be especially effective in preventing the lives of the baby and the mother. When they are not necessary, though, there is no evidence to suggest any health-related benefits of having the procedure. In other words, it may be a case of unnecessary surgery.

While most mothers who do have C-sections recover from the procedure, it takes a bit more time – the average hospital stay for C-section mothers is three (3) days.

Why Have a C-Section

While many decisions to opt for a C-section are made on the spot in the delivery room, many others are planned ahead of time – especially when there is a known medical problem that could potentially cause problems in the delivery of the infant.

Common medical reasons for having a C-section include:

  • Incorrect birthing position of infant – any position that is not head-down)
  • A lowered supply of blood and oxygen to the baby before birth
  • Infant is larger than average
  • Multiple babies in the womb

Dangers of Having a C-Section

Again, there are times when a C-section makes the best sense during a delivery. But just as with any surgical procedure, C-sections are not without risk. Possible complications to the mother include

  • Heart attacks
  • Blood clots
  • Sepsis (an infection complication that can be life-threatening)
  • Hemorrhaging

Risks to the baby include physical injuries that could be long-lasting, deprivation of oxygen and fractures.

The Fitzgerald Law Firm Can Help You

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