Police Report Wrong? Here’s What To Do!

One piece of advice that everyone gives if you have been involved in a car accident is to be sure you obtain a copy of the police report.  In general, this is good advice, but what happens when the police report is wrong?

A victim has sued the city of Brooklyn and has been awarded nearly $3 million over a false police report, according to recent reports.  The 72-year-old man was crossing the street at Liberty Avenue and Barbey Street in Cypress Hills when a police officer riding an NYPD scooter lost control and struck him, causing serious injury.  The police officer then cited the victim for “jaywalking,” claiming that he emerged from between parked cars and darted in front of the scooter. 

Surveillance video proved that the victim was in the right and that the police officer lied about the circumstances of the accident.  The elderly man was hospitalized for four months due to fractured vertebrae.  His case was finally settled for $2.9 million just before trial.

What To Do When The Police Report Is In Error

While most police reports are accurate, it is very important that you check yours immediately if you are involved in an accident.  You should review the report carefully and ask questions if anything seems incorrect.  You can do this by asking to speak to the officer who took the report or the office in charge of the station where the report is generated.

If the officer refuses to correct the police report, you are faced with an important decision.  In some cases, small irregularities in the police report are not important, but in most cases it is critical that you have the facts documented properly in case you file a lawsuit.  It may be necessary to talk to a personal injury attorney about the matter and request help in proving that the other driver is at fault.

An accident reconstruction expert may be able to help.  Many personal injury attorneys work with these experts on a regular basis to document the truth about vehicle crashes.  Your attorney may be able to connect you with experts who can use physical evidence, interviews and other resources to show the truth about your accident.

If you have questions about your accident injuries or need help recovering compensation from the negligent driver who caused them, contact the personal injury attorneys at Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York.