NYPD Officer Who Choked Eric Garner Sued for Car Crash

nypd officer sued

The NYPD officer accused of putting Eric Garner in a chokehold last summer has been named as a defendant in a civil lawsuit filed in Queens Supreme Court, according to reports.

Daniel Pantaleo was named as a co-defendant in the civil suit against the NYPD. The lawsuit alleges that the officer crashed his vehicle into another man’s car on Staten Island. The man is said to have suffered severe and permanent injuries. The suit claims that Pantaleo was speeding and following too closely when he crashed into the victim’s car on Clove Road at Martha Street. Leonardo Aguirre, the victim, claims that he has sustained injuries to his knees, neck, back and left shoulder.

The Facts About Police Crashes

Police crashes can be divided into two groups: those that occur when the officer is in pursuit of his or her duties and those that occur when the officer is acting outside the scope of those duties. It is very important to determine into which category any given accident involving a police car can be placed, because this may determine whether the victims are entitled to compensation.

While police officers are protected to a certain degree by immunity when they are performing their duties, such as chasing a criminal who is fleeing, they are not covered for acts of negligence that stem from activities that can be considered beyond the normal scope of police work. For example, shooting at a fleeing suspect with complete disregard for any innocent bystanders in the surrounding area would likely be considered negligent, and regular immunity would not necessarily protect a police officer or his or her agency from a lawsuit by one of the injured victims.

Every year, thousands of people are injured in police crashes. Some of these victims are innocent bystanders who may be entitled to compensation from the agency or the officer that instigated the chase. Others are injured by police officers who break the law by speeding or disregarding traffic signals, even when they are not in pursuit of a suspect. Those victims may also be entitled to compensation.

How Can I Sue The Police Department?

Filing a lawsuit against any government agency is difficult. However, with the help of experienced attorneys like those at The Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York, you may be successful in your attempt to collect damages. Contact these experienced personal injury attorneys today for more information.