14 Injured in Brooklyn MTA Accident

brooklyn mta accident

An accident with a Brooklyn MTA bus caused more than a dozen people to be injured, according to recent reports. Fourteen people were reported injured when the B6 bus was struck by a car that went through a stop sign at Glenwood Road near East 1902nd Street in Carnarsie. Two of the injuries were serious.

The driver and thirteen passengers were rushed to area hospitals. There is no word on the current condition of any of the victims, or whether the driver of the car will face charges for the accident.

Accidents Involving City Transportation

When you are the victim of an accident involving city transportation, you may find that it is difficult to collect compensation for your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages and other costs associated with your accident. When city transportation agencies are involved, there can be a number of layers of liability through which you must sift in order to have your claim resolved. The driver, the agency and even a third-party contractor may be involved.

For example, in a “simple” claim in which a bus driver makes an error and hits another vehicle, the driver of that car may have to deal with the driver’s personal insurance company, the insurance company of the city employing the driver, the insurance company insuring the bus and his or her own insurer! This can mean complicated paperwork and frustration for the victim, who only wants to collect his or her compensation and pay for medical treatment and other expenses. Because these cases are so complicated, they can be time-consuming. In fact, some victims do not receive payment for months or years if they try to handle their claims alone. Some never receive payment.

How Can I Speed Up The Personal Injury Claims Process?

While there are no guarantees that dealing with a city agency will ever be anything but complicated, hiring a personal injury attorney can take much of the frustration and stress away from the victim. With the help of an injury attorney like those at the Fitzgerald Law Firm in New York, accident victims may be able to curtail the problems associated with a claim against the city.

The attorneys at the Fitzgerald Law Firm will advocate for you and help you recover money for your injuries in the shortest time possible. Call us today for a free appointment.