Medical Malpractice Statistical Estimate Indicate Scope of the Problem

Below you will find a brief overview of the statistics that estimate the number of medical malpractice situations that arise in the United States every year.  You will also find information regarding the types of mistakes that are thought to be most commonly made by medical professionals.  Anyone who has suffered in this manner needs to obtain the help of experienced New York medical malpractice lawyers as soon as possible.

Medical Malpractice Statistics – Common Estimates

Before providing the statistical estimates that relate to medical malpractice, it should be noted that most experts feel that a large number of these cases are not reported for one reason or another.  Some situations involve patients not seeking additional treatments or doctors diagnosing a problem that may not establish a link between the new health problem and negligence.  A Harvard study has estimated that more than 7 instances of medical malpractice actually occur for every one claim that’s filed.  However, the statistics relating to this problem are troubling for anyone who sees them.

According to several studies that have been done in recent years, anywhere between 75,000 and 100,000 people in the United States lose their lives every year because of medical errors that are made in a hospital setting.  In addition, these estimates indicate that as many as 1.5 million people every year are harmed because of what could be described as avoidable medication errors.  Anesthesia errors, birth injuries and surgical mistakes are also examples of common types of medical malpractice situations that arise.

Medical Malpractice and the Legal Fallout

When someone is harmed because of mistakes made by medical professionals, they do have legal rights and options at their disposal.  These options include the filing of medical malpractice lawsuits in an attempt to recover compensation for the harm that was suffered.  Damages can be paid for losses that include additional medical expenses incurred, lost income and pain and suffering depending on the specific circumstances of the situation that led to the problem in the first place.

If you or someone you love has been harmed as a result of substandard medical care, you are far from alone.  You need to seek the help of New York medical malpractice lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of patients for more than 40 years.  Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.