When Can You File a Medical Malpractice Lawsuit?

Getting a medical malpractice lawsuit filed against a hospital or a medical practitioner is undoubtedly challenging without the guidance of an attorney.

Such lawsuits are extremely complex to put on trial because the stipulations of medical care are quite specific. You need legal assistance of a medical malpractice attorney who possesses knowledge and experience on the matter.

That being said, establishing a medical care provider’s negligence in such cases is decisive for a winning settlement.

Outlined below are some widespread categories of medical malpractices against which the victim can file a case:

Inaccurate Diagnosis

Consider this; a doctor misconstrues a patient’s illness, disease, wounds or injuries, or fails to diagnose it, proceeding with a treatment. This is a clear case of medical negligence.

To verify the case of negligence, you will have a different medical practitioner assess the various aspects of the case and settle on if the suspected party should’ve analyzed the medical condition in the right manner.

Wrong Site Surgery

When such surgeries take place out of ignorance, it is the doctor who is held accountable and charged conducting an operation, or in extreme cases, surgically removing the incorrect body part.

Surgical Inaccuracies

Throughout the surgery, the doctor is obligated to manage the patient with utmost care so that no harm or damage is inflicted. In most instances, a doctor may flame or incise a limb or an internal part of the body causing brutal injury.

Birth Injuries

It is quite common for medical practitioners to mismanage a new born baby during birth. As a result, the child suffers lasting birth injuries that can cause physical or mental impairment. On the other hand, a doctor may fail to take actions in accordance with the indications of fetal pain that arises during the birth-giving time. In worst cases, the negligence can also lead to the death of the child or the mother.

Not Following Up the Treatment

When a doctor advises a certain cure or treatment to a patient, it is his/her duty to follow-up the progress and how it’s improving the patient’s condition. The doctor must keep an eye on the patient’s well being on a regular basis to ascertain that the treatment is effective.

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