Read About Terrible Nursing Home Conditions That Led to $5.5 Million Decision


The family of a woman who endured horrific lapses in care while living in a nursing home has received $5.5 million in damages from a jury. It may be the largest such award for a wrongful death suit brought against a nursing home.

We’ll talk about it in this issue.

The Case at a Glance

In their lawsuit, the family of the now-deceased victim successfully argued that their mother endured “repeated instances of abuse and neglect” from the time she was admitted to the nursing home.

Just how bad was the level of care? During her time in the nursing home, the victim experienced multiple bouts each of:

All of the repeated conditions contributed to her death just six (6) months after being admitted to the nursing home.

A History of Abuse?

During the two-week trial, the jury examined multiple surveys carried out by the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment which cited the nursing home for numerous regulatory violations similar to the care endured by the victim in the case.

The corporation that operates the facility decided to send no representatives or witnesses to the trial.

One juror noted that it was the goal of the jury that the high dollar figure would prompt the nursing home directors to make necessary changes.

Elder Abuse is Extensive

With more than 500,000 elder Americans (over the age of 60) being abused or neglected every year, it’s difficult to deny there’s a problem going on. Perhaps even more disturbing is the fact that many of the victims are abused in nursing homes staffed with professionals who have been hired and trained to support and protect their residents.

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