Commerical Vehicle Injures New York Pedestrian

According to recent reports, a New York taxicab driver’s commercial vehicle struck and injured an 83-year-old female pedestrian while turning east onto West 60th Street in New York City. As soon as he saw what happened, the cab driver reportedly stopped his vehicle and jumped out to offer assistance. When the driver saw that the victim was entirely underneath his Ford Escape SUV, he attempted to reverse his vehicle and free the injured party.

However, two construction workers, Joe Delfino and Marcos Loyola, had witnessed the accident and persuaded the cab driver not to move the SUV. Instead, the two bystanders lifted the 3,300-pound vehicle’s front end. Delfino continued to hold up the front of the SUV while Loyola gently moved the woman away from the vehicle to safety. Medics transported the woman, whose identity remains undisclosed, to Bellevue Hospital. She was treated for a broken wrist and numerous fractures to her right leg.

Taxicabs Often a Problem for Pedestrians

Unfortunately, accidents involving taxicabs that cause serious injury and death are quite common. This is especially true in cities such as New York, where cab drivers and pedestrians share busy, congested traffic areas.

Local media often report accidents involving negligent commercial motorists that cause serious injury and death to pedestrians. New York University’s student blog reported a number of pedestrian collisions involving taxicabs:

  • In early 2014, a cab driver fatally hit a nine-year-old boy in New York City’s Upper West Side. The court issued the driver a paltry $300 fine, and allowed him to keep his license.
  • A cab recently struck Michael King while the NYU student was crossing the street. Instead of stopping to offer assistance and call an ambulance, the cab driver merely sped off, leaving the scene of the accident. Fellow New York City students Lilly Clew and Lola Harney also reported “hit and run” collisions involving irresponsible taxicab operators.
  • Among the blog’s most disturbing statistics is that a small minority of taxicab drivers implicated in fatal collisions have had their licenses revoked.

Companies that employ commercial drivers, such as taxi service providers, are required to thoroughly inspect prospective drivers’ records to ensure they are hiring responsible employees. Indeed, the vast majority of commercial vehicle operators are very safety-conscious drivers. Nonetheless, accidents happen and when a moving vehicle such a cab strikes a pedestrian, results are often tragic. If you or someone you know has suffered serious injury or loss of a loved one due to a commercial driver’s negligence, do not risk additional misfortune by neglecting your own rights. Contact the expert personal injury attorneys at The Fitzgerald Law Firm for a free consultation.