Cerebral Palsy Parents – Don’t Miss Out on Legal Advice!

cerebral palsy

In a recent issue of The Huffington Post, a man with cerebral palsy offered advice to parents of children with birth injuries – advice that could be vital if you decide to pursue legal action. Here, we share some of his information.

Pay Attention to Your Child’s Development Closely

Unless something is wrong, a child should be able to lift their own head up, crawl and walk as they grow. Any lagging behind is cause for an evaluation, which is important because it will (hopefully) identify any problems and give parents peace of mind. It helps with closure to have someone look at the records independently.

Get Help to Understand Scientific Evidence

The very first test that’s given to newborns is the APGAR Score. Measuring the child’s appearance, pulse, grimace and respiration, the test is administered just after delivery to check for any needs of extra medical or emergency care.

If you decide to take legal action because of birth injury, your child’s APGAR Scores will certainly be reviewed along with a potentially long list of other scientific evidence.

If possible, do not be reluctant about getting professional help with data collection and its interpretation. Because such cases can result in significant – and deserved – compensation, the investment is worth its cost.

The Condition That Resulted From the Birth Injury Doesn’t Have to Be Severe

It may surprise you that even a mild form of CP can have a significant impact on your child’s life. Beyond possibly affecting the ability to generally fit in, it can also affect the capability of finding employment and simply enjoying life.

Take Action Before Your Child Turns 18

In most states, a child becomes an adult in the eyes of the law when he/she turns 18. Once they are legally an adult, making a claim in court on their behalf is no longer an option.

Remember, the overriding goal of pursuing legal action in the first place is to position your child to have the best quality of life they can possibly have.

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