Living with Cerebral Palsy – What You Need to Know as Parents of the Affected

cerebral palsy

Parenting a kid with cerebral palsy can be quite challenging. From understanding the disease to helping them with their daily chores, there are many things you will be responsible for.

However, despite limitations, you can learn to enjoy life with your kid.

A Bit about Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is a disorder that generally affects kids aged 3 to 5. It involves difficulties with muscle tone, movement, and motor skills. The main cause of CP is brain damage.

There are other difficulties that kids with CP face. These include vision, hearing and speech difficulties. Also, learning abilities of some kids get affected.

Some Pointers for Parents

Here are some aspects that parents should understand to better deal with the situation:


Cerebral Palsy can hamper movement of the affected kid in more ways than one. Depending on the severity of the disorder, it can affect how your kid, walks, sits and stands.

Apart from helping the kid with movement, you might also have to provide your kid with canes or leg braces.


Communication is also an area that is hampered when your kid is affected with CP. It takes some time and commitment to find out the best ways to communicate.

You can take help from technology and buy assistive equipment, or you can also turn to sign language for help.

If your child can speak but has difficulty in forming words, you might consider getting the services of a speech therapist.

Personal Care

Everyday personal care can be difficult both for the affected kid and the caregiver. Providing everyday care that the kid with CP requires can be very tough.

Children with a mild form of CP might be able to dress themselves, but they might need help brushing their teeth.

In this regard, sticking to a schedule has been found to be very useful. The daily routine keeps expectations clear for you and the kid.       

Life Skills Learning

It is very important that you help your kid learn life skills on daily basis. Have him/her practice communication and motor skills. Again, having a scheduled routine can really help.

Also, incorporate positive reinforcement in your teaching methodology as it will help your kid learn quickly.

For life skills learning, you might also have your child enrolled in therapy or rehabilitation classes. Under the supervised guidance of an experienced professional, your kid will be able to learn better.

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