Ways to Help Children with Autism

Autism is a neurobehavioral condition that negatively affects social interaction, language and communication skills. It is also characterized by rigid and repetitive behaviors.

Since autism includes a wide range of symptoms, it is now called Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). As parents, dealing with a kid with ASD can be quite difficult. However, there are ways you can better handle the situation. Here are some tips:

Use Positive Reinforcement Effectively

Kids with ASD respond to positive reinforcement better. Praising them for their desirable behaviors will not only improve the chances that they will repeat those behaviors, but will also make them feel good.

However, make sure that you are specific with your rewards, that is, the child must know what aspect of the behavior is liked. From sweets to extra playtime, there are a variety of prizes you can give them for good behavior.

Be Consistent

Kids with ASD have a hard time applying what they have learnt in one situation to another. This difficulty can be better dealt with by creating consistency in the child’s environment.

Make sure you know what skills your child is learning with his/her therapist and create the same conditions at home so they can replicate the learnt behavior easily.

Stick to a Routine

Kids having ASD love structure and routine in their lives. In fact, disrupting the schedule can greatly disturb them. From mealtimes to bedtime, make sure that everything is fixed and followed rigorously.

However, if any unavoidable changes to the routine have to be made, prepare your kid for it in advance.

Have a Safety Zone in Your House

Your home should have a separate private space where your child can go and relax. This can be done by setting up limits and boundaries and labeling. Being in that zone will allow your kid to feel safe and secure.

Find Support

Remember that you are not the only parents with kids having ASD. There are quite a few support groups that can offer help and guidance regarding your child’s condition. You can also get help from professional counselors.

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