Woman in Queens Hit and Killed by Truck

Every year in New York, more than 15,000 pedestrian accidents take place.  These crashes lead to nearly as many injuries and to more than 300 fatalities.  That’s more than 41 accidents per day, and sadly those statistics will soon include a Queens pedestrian accident that took the life of a woman last night.  According to an account of the incident provided by the police, the woman who was killed was walking in a crosswalk at the intersection of 47th Street and Laurel Hill Boulevard at approximately 11:15 p.m.

The unidentified woman was 22 years old, and it appears that she was hit by the driver of a Chevrolet truck.  She apparently lived approximately one half of a mile from where she was hit.  Rescue workers rushed her to a nearby hospital, but she did not survive.  The police would not say whether or not any criminality was suspected in the crash, but they continuing to investigate the matter.  The name of the driver involved in the crash was not released.

People who walk around in the city need to adhere to the traffic laws that govern these situations.  However, if or when they do they also need to be able to trust that motorists will follow the laws and drive responsibly.  It is simply too early to know exactly what happened last night and what caused the crash, but if it turns out that the driver was at fault then the family of the woman who was killed could respond by filing a New York wrongful death lawsuit.  Wrongful death lawsuits that result in a verdict for the plaintiffs generally lead to awards of damages that compensate for several different forms of loss.

The statistics regarding New York pedestrian accidents have remained steady for several years.  As such, it stands to reason that 15,000 people will be injured in these crashes this year.  Those who are need to take steps to stand up for their legal rights.  If you or someone you love has been injured or worse in this sort of an accident, you need to contact the New York accident lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm to schedule a free initial consultation.