Is There An Ongoing Safety Problem With MTA Transit Trains?

A Bronx man whose legs were crushed by an MTA train has been awarded a $19.5 million decision by a jury.

Sadly, the man’s case is not unusual as there is a disturbing trend regarding safety and MTA trains.

We’ll talk about the case and overall safety concerns about the MTA in this issue.

The Case at a Glance

The victim’s right foot was caught between a subway car and the platform when he was bumped by another passenger while exiting the train.

Despite the victim’s attempts to notify an MTA worker, the train pulled away from the station, crushing the man’s right foot. He was dragged along the platform, and the flesh was torn from his left calf.

Even though he passed out from the pain, he was miraculously freed before the car he was tied to crashed into the tunnel.

In their decision, the jury faulted the train conductor for failing to notice the victim stuck on the platform.

The Medical Aftermath

The victim underwent eight (8) surgeries to rebuild his right foot while spending 2 ½ months in hospital care. It took an additional year in rehabilitation for the victim to learn to walk again.

Is There An Ongoing Safety Problem With MTA Trains?

According to reports, the case above is not unheard of. In fact, it’s merely one of 88 lawsuits that resulted in a $1 million payout or more.

Over the course of just the last five (5) years, MTA Transit has shelled out over $431 million in jury decisions and settlements.

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