$695,000.00 – Broken Foot in Three Different Places

F&F# A07004

Settlement: $695,000

Injuries: Broken Foot in Three Different Places

Facts and Claim of Liability:

On December 24, 2006 at around 7:50 p.m., plaintiff was on his way to a nearby grocery store. As he was crossing the street at E. 170th Street and Sheridan Avenue, all of a sudden, an NYPD patrol vehicle struck him down. After impact, plaintiff remained on the ground. The officer who had been driving the patrol vehicle jumped out and ran over to plaintiff, and asked him if he was alright. Eventually, he called  Emergency Medical Services (EMS), who arrived on the scene in less than 10 minutes.

Plaintiff was transported via ambulance to St. Barnabas Hospital. Hospital staff determined that he had broken his left foot in three different places. Plaintiff’s left foot was put in Ace bandages and an L-shaped fiberglass splint. After about 5 days, hospital staff removed this so that they could operate on plaintiff’s foot. After the surgery, he was put into a hard cast, which he wore for approximately a month.

Currently, although plaintiff is no longer in a cast, he requires a cane to move around independently.

Fitzgerald & Fitzgerald filed suit in Bronx County Supreme Court and successfully secured a settlement for $695,000.00.