Tips for Parents of Children With Autism


For many parents, finding out their child has autism is a life-changing event.

While a parent is rarely prepared to hear anything other than that their child is healthy and happy, an autism diagnosis can bring with it a sense of panic. In this article, we’ll share parenting tips for making life with an autistic child easier for all concerned:




  1. Don’t delay a diagnosis.
    Trust your parents’ intuition or gut feeling. If you sense developmental delays in your child or just sense that something is wrong, see a doctor as soon as you can. While autism spectrum disorder is not something that can be outgrown, the sooner your child gets help, the better.
  2. Learn all you can about autism.
    In our digital age, just about anything you could want to know about autism is a simple Google search away. With knowledge comes a sense of calm confidence as you’re much better prepared to make informed decisions for your child.
  3. Know what makes your child tick.
    Study your child’s behavior so that you know what triggers bad or disruptive responses as well as what leads to an enjoyable experience. Knowing your child’s triggers will give you a leg-up in working through situational problems as well being able to prevent circumstances that lead to difficulties.
  4. Establish consistency in your child’s environment.
    Studies show that autistic children are positioned to do best when their schedule or routine is structured. This includes regular times for school, therapy, bedtime, meals, etc. Any deviation from your child’s schedule should be kept to an absolute minimum if possible.
  5. Make sure your child has a safe zone in the house.
    Your child needs their own space where they can relax and feel safe.
  6. There’s more to life than therapy so don’t skimp on the fun.
    Remember, even though your child is coping with autism, they are still a child. Focus on activities or discussions that bring a smile or laugh to your child. Spending time together in which there is no pressure is essential to building that parent-child bond.

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