Teens Injured in Flatbush Vehicle Accident

Several young men from Hillel Academy Boys High School suffered minor injuries in a vehicle accident while visiting Flatbush, New York, to participate in a basketball tournament, according to recent reports.  The teens were being driven back to host homes after the game when the vehicle in which they were riding clipped another car while making a wide left turn and rolled over.  The students climbed out of the vehicle and were taken to a local hospital for observation, although none of them were seriously injured.

Liability On A School Trip

The issue of liability is always central when anyone is injured in a car crash.  The first question usually asked is:  who was at fault for the accident?  However, a better question might be:  who is liable for the injuries?  The answers to those two questions are not always the same.

When someone suffers only minor injuries in an accident, that person’s insurance or the insurance of the driver of the car in which the individual was riding will usually pay for medical treatment and other costs.  However, when someone is seriously injured, it may be critical to identify the right source of compensation for expenses that range far beyond minor medical bills.

When the victims are children on a school trip, there can be several sources of payment for these injuries.  The first line of defense may be school insurance taken out by the parents in case their students are hurt.  There may also be health insurance policies taken out by the students’ parents that pay for some treatment.  If this is the case, these insurance companies will usually pay the medical bills up front then subrogate the claim with a third-party insurance carrier if another party is deemed liable for the accident.

However, when the amount of compensation in question is very large, insurance companies may choose to fight these claims rather than simply pay them.  This can mean that the victim is left without compensation to pay for medical bills and other expenses.  When this happens, it may be necessary for the victim to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to force various insurers or others to pay for costs.

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