Strengthening Your Product Liability Case

ny-product-liability-lawyersThe need to file a product liability case emerges when you or a loved one gets injured, as a result of a product defect.

In that scenario, it’s best to first obtain appropriate medical care, and then consider filing a lawsuit.

Relative to other personal injury lawsuits, product liability cases are more complex.

It is critical to seek the assistance of a professional and experienced attorney. Our skilled lawyers in New York can assist you in sorting out minute details of the case, and securing primary witnesses to provide justice.

What to Do After Injury

After obtaining treatment, there are a few important steps you must take to make your case stronger. Keep the defective product with you.

It will serve as crucial evidence to support your injury, and the problems it created for you or your loved ones.

In case an insurance company investigator or product manufacturer asks for the defective product, consult your product liability attorney first. Let’s say the product that injured you was a car. Make sure you inform the person towing the car (or anyone else) not to modify it.

Note down the date and location of purchase. If the product came with manufacturer’s instructions, did you read it? State how the accident took place, and how you were utilizing the product.

Meeting the Lawyer

When hiring a product liability lawyer, be prepared to explain how you sustained injury. Make sure you provide the lawyer with all the pertinent information. State facts. Be objective. This will enable your lawyer to precisely evaluate the case.

In addition, expect the attorney to question you about the product life. For instance, he/she may ask you whether the product was new or used when you purchased it, and if you tried to alter it in any manner.

Expert Witnesses

Getting the assistance of expert witnesses to assess the evidence and provide details can prove to be instrumental.product-liability-lawyers-in-new-york

They can explain to the judge exactly what problem(s) were produced by the product which makes it flawed, and consequently, dangerous.

Most expert witnesses have strong engineering, medicine, design and safety backgrounds. And given the complexity of your case, this can prove to be helpful.

Negotiations and Trials

If your product liability case has multiple strengths, there’s a good chance for negotiation with the product manufacturer or seller. However, if the opposing party fails to provide a reasonable offer, trial would be a better choice.

We have successfully handled product liability cases for both, injured workers and consumers. From design defects, to manufacturing defect, and failure to warn, we ensure effective legal representation in negotiations and trials. For free case evaluation, call us now at (800)323-9900 for New York product liability lawyers.