Study Reveals Difficulties Relating to Eating for Children with Autism

autismAutism is actually a set of disorders that are very difficult for parents to deal with as a child who has been diagnosed with any of these specific conditions grows older. There are many different ways in which autism can affect a child’s and a family’s life, and parents will need to constantly be aware of how this is happening and react to problems that cannot be foreseen as quickly as possible. As we learn more about this condition, we are also learning more about the challenges and difficulties that parents can expect as their child grows.

One of those challenges that parents should expect to encounter involves the eating habits of a child with autism. Recently, a group of researchers has completed a review of several individual studies regarding this issue. Below you will find a brief overview of the conclusions drawn by the review of these studies. Any parent who believes that his or her child was diagnosed with autism because of the negligence of the medical professionals overseeing his or her birth needs to obtain the help of New York medical malpractice lawyers as soon as possible.

The Study Review – A Brief Synopsis

The study review mentioned above involved the review of 17 individual studies that have been completed in recent years. This study review was done by researchers at Emory University and the Marcus Autism Center. It should come as no surprise that the conclusions that were drawn by this work were not positive in nature with regards to the difficulties relating to the eating habits of children with autism and the health risks faced later in life by children who deal with this difficulty.

Specifically, the review of these studies found that children with autism were five times more likely to encounter difficulties with regards to eating that included going through extreme tantrums at mealtime and extreme pickiness with regards to foods that will be eaten. As a result of these difficult behaviors, researchers further found that children who move through childhood in this manner face a heightened risk of developing serious health problems later in life that include obesity, high blood pressure and other cardiovascular problems.

Autism and Medical Negligence

No definitive cause for autism has yet been identified, and there is no cure for it either. However, there have been diagnoses of autism that have occurred after children have suffered a loss of oxygen while in the process of being born. This loss of oxygen can and does badly damage brain cells and it can lead to permanent brain damage. Children who are diagnosed with this condition face a lifetime of struggle.

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