Possible Incorrect Use of Anesthesia Leads to $22 Million Malpractice Lawsuit


A woman and her husband have filed a $22 million medical malpractice suit against a medical center for permanent damages caused by problems with anesthesia.

Cases like this are not as unusual as you might think. In this issue, we’ll talk more about what led to this lawsuit, and talk about the dangers of anesthesia.

The Case at a Glance

The woman went into surgery to repair a shinbone fracture. During the anesthesia process, a laryngeal mask airway was placed in her throat. It was left there for 31 minutes after the conclusion of the surgery.

Immediately afterward, the woman was unable to speak above a whisper, had difficulty breathing, aspirated liquids and solids, and experienced a persistent dry throat.

She was eventually diagnosed with permanent paralysis of her left vocal cord. This led to her termination as a senior counsel at a law firm.

Warnings About Anesthesia Go Unheeded

Manufacturers of the anesthesia mask used in the surgery had previously stated that the product should not be used on patients who are obese or have gastric reflux.

The woman has both conditions.

Anesthesia Problems That Can Lead to Malpractice

While generally regarded as safe, administering anesthesia is a delicate procedure that can result in devastating consequences if done incorrectly.

A study from the German Medical Association revealed that the worldwide death rate from improper anesthesia procedures is on the rise.

According to their information, one in 20 patients worldwide will die from problems with anesthesia.

Causes of anesthesia errors include – but are not limited to:

  • Improper dosage amount
  • Failure to monitor patient and equipment
  • Defective equipment
  • Failure to recognize and act upon complications
  • Prolonged sedation

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