March is Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month


For some reason, that has not been the case with an announcement that President Reagan made in 1987. That announcement was that March is officially Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month. Since then, many people have observed this month in hopes of bringing about more awareness to the realities of this type of suffering.

There are many different months in the year that are declared as the ‘official month of X cause’ by certain groups that are working in an effort to advance said cause. Many of them are overlooked, but those that are initially proclaimed by Presidents of the United States tend to garner much more in the way of attention.

Few people would realize the depth of the need to bring about this type of awareness, but statistics indicate that approximately 7 million people in the United States live with the effects of some form of developmental disability. This is a general term that includes people suffering from conditions such as cerebral palsy and cognitive disabilities. A large number of people who fall into these categories need ongoing help so that they can live their lives to the fullest and avoid problems that are often associated with these conditions.

People who are interested in helping with this cause that has been in place now for 26 years have many options. There are volunteer opportunities all over the country where people can help those who need it as often as they want. There are nearly unlimited options for donations if people choose to help in this way, and there are just as many ways to help bring about awareness to this issue so that more people understand what it’s like to live with this type of a challenge.

Several local groups are having pledge drives and events such as walks that will help generate donations and general interest in different forms of help. Several governmental agencies on local levels are holding events that are designed to build momentum for programs and other initiatives that are intended to provide for people who live with these conditions.

Those who have suffered from developmental disabilities have enjoyed a large measure of progress in recent years in terms of how society treats them. The announcement made by President Reagan came on the heels of the deinstitutionalization movement, where people suffering from these problems were no longer simply put in facilities.

Unfortunately, many people who suffer from developmental disabilities can trace their problems back to a troubled birth. A loss of oxygen during delivery can badly damage the brain, and this damage can lead to this extremely difficult result. Parents whose children have suffered in this manner because of mistakes made by medical professionals suffer immensely as well, as these were situations that could have been avoided. If your child has been harmed in this manner because of a mistake made by doctors or others, contact the New York medical malpractice lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.