Read About Nursing Home Horrors Unearthed by CNN

A stunning investigative report from CNN has found that sexual assaults against residents of nursing homes is rampant. In all, CNN discovered that more than 1,000 nursing home facilities in the U.S. have been cited by authorities for missing or failing to report such cases at their facilities.

*** You can read the report in its entirety here, but please be advises that its content is graphic in nature and may be unsettling. ***

In this issue, we’ll talk more about CNN’s report and provide you with information about what to do if you suspect someone you know has been a victim of elder abuse.

What CNN Found

Through incident after incident, a disturbing “blame the victim” type of behavior and blatant cover ups were found to have occurred at many of the offending nursing homes. There were multiple instances in which abused residents were accused of flirting with facility personnel or that their accusations could not be considered reliable because their memories were so bad.

While it’s obvious that the horrific crimes are widespread, just how rampant they are remains a mystery. In their report, CNN correspondents said that while “there is a litany of abuses detailed in government reports, there is no comprehensive national data on how many cases have been reported” in nursing homes.

What Others Are Saying About CNN’s Report

In a statement released to McKnight’s Long-Term Care News – a publication for long-term caregiving professionals – the American Health Care Association and the National Center for Assisted Living said, “Any person who commits these heinous acts should be penalized to the fullest extent of the law.”

What To Do If You Suspect Elder Abuse in a Nursing Home

If you suspect a nursing home resident is being abused, neglected or placed at risk, call 911 or use the Eldercare Locator site (800-677-1116) to make your report.

After alerting the authorities, do not contact the nursing home administrators. Their first priority is their business, so they may offer compensation in exchange for your signature absolving them of responsibility. DO NOT DO THIS!

Instead, get in touch with an experienced and skilled attorney who knows the elderly abuse laws.

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