Why Early Screening for Autism is Essential


If you suspect your child may have autism, time may be of the essence in getting effective treatment. That’s according to researchers at Oregon Health and Science University.

Specifically, the researchers found that children who are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder before they reach the age of 4 stand a much better chance of getting the treatment they need.

Lead researcher Dr. Katharine Zuckerman said, “The problem is, here in the U.S., children just aren’t being screened.”

The Problem with Waiting

The research team found that longer delays between when parents first begin to discuss concerns about their children and when a diagnosis is actually reached from a health provider can be directly linked to alternative and complementary medicine for treatment.

Unfortunately, those types of approaches are not as effective as behavioral therapy.

According to Zuckerman, the strongest and most effective course of treatment for autism comes in the form of a child and a therapist working intensely, one-on-one on the specific symptoms that get in the way of normal behavior.

Is There a Recommended Specific Age for Screening?

The American Academy of Pediatrics tells us that all children should be screened for autism at both 18 and 24 months. While autism can typically be detected by the time the child turns 2, the average age for diagnosis is 4.

Disturbingly, only about half of primary care practitioners currently screen for autism.

Why? Either parents are unaware or doctors simply aren’t educated enough about the topic.

“There seems to be a problem of awareness and some doctors don’t know what to do if they get a positive test,” said Zuckerman.

Take an Online Screening

If your child is showing symptoms of autism, an online screening is available. With a 50% accuracy rate, the screening was developed by neuropsychologists and is continually updated.

If Your Child Has Autism, Call The Fitzgerald Law Firm

We agree with Dr. Zuckerman in the importance of early screening for autism, and encourage all parents who have concerns about their children to seek screening ASAP.

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