Cerebral Palsy – The Non-Genetic Causes

Cerebral Palsy, commonly referred to as CP, is a medical condition that’s diagnosed by a neurologist or a medical practitioner through tests such as MRI.

These tests reveal brain malformations and injuries that take place during pregnancy, child delivery or soon after the birth of the child.

In some scenarios, CP is merely a result of genetics. Cerebral palsy mainly develops on account of a child’s slow or incomplete development of the brain. Genetic causes are often unavoidable and uncontrollable; hence, the hospital staff cannot be blamed for such occurrences.

However, CP also arises as a result of non-genetic causes. Here’s how cerebral palsy develops:


There are myriad of infections that can lead to brain injuries, which further develop into cerebral palsy. These infections are usually contracted by the mother during pregnancy or even post-birth when the child is kept in daycare.

For instance, meningitis is an infection that can unfortunately inflict a brain injury, resulting into the child developing cerebral palsy.

Lead Poisoning

Environmental toxins can considerably affect the overall well being and health of an individual. The growing cases of lead poisoning received attention on a national level with the Flint water shortage.

It must be noted that lead poisoning is one of the multiple ways in which a child is drawn closer to neuron development problems and intellectual delays. Remember, lead poisoning can be a gradual process or a traumatic event that causes CP in people. Usually, lead paint chips and elevated exposure to mercury are leading causes of lead poisoning. When kids are exposed to lead, it can lead to slow physical and mental development.

Medical Malpractice

There are times when doctors, nurses, midwives and other hospital staff can lead to your child’s mental injury. This often happens in the case of medical malpractice where the medical staff fails to identify warning signs linked to a complex pregnancy or childbirth.

Parents of kids suffering from cerebral palsy must closely analyze the delivery process to have a thorough understanding, alongside protecting their child’s rights to various kinds of support and help.

58355c4111a16Physical Trauma

When a child is born, his/her skull is the most vulnerable part of the body. And not just during childbirth, the same holds true during pregnancy and soon after the delivery.

We have come across a number of cases where cerebral palsy is diagnosed in kids as a result of a physical trauma including, a bookshelf falling on the child’s head.

Remember, CP is an umbrella term for a medical diagnosis that’s linked with brain injuries. Therefore, you must understand that this condition is also associated with physical injuries.

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