What Causes Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral palsy is referred to a movement disorder whereby the muscle tone or posture is damaged. This is primarily a result of the damage inflicted on a brain that’s still developing and is immature.

Most symptoms are displayed at the infancy stage. Generally, cerebral palsy makes the victim’s movements impaired such as abnormal reflexes, flabbiness or rigidity of the arms and trunk, inaccurate posture, unconscious movements, unsteady walking, or an amalgamation of these.

People suffering from cerebral palsy often have eating and swallowing problems. Moreover, their eye muscle seems to be misbalanced. These people also have limited motion ranges at various joints – due to muscle rigidity.

Speaking of functional abilities, different people with cerebral palsy react differently. For instance, some people are able to walk while others can’t. Some patients possess normal intellectual abilities, while others have a below average intellectual. There are also some rare cases of epilepsy, sightlessness or deafness in cerebral palsy patients.

What Causes Cerebral Palsy?

Cerebral palsy is a result of an abnormality or irregularity in brain development. And this often happens before the child’s delivery. In most cases, the precise trigger is unknown. However, some of the common factors that may potentially cause cerebral palsy include:

  • Infectious diseases, seizure, thyroid problems, and/or other medical issues suffered by the mother during pregnancy,
  • Birth deficiencies, particularly those which affect the brain, spinal cord, head, and even metabolism,
  • Incompatibility of the Rh factor: It refers to the blood difference between the mother and the fetus which can harm the fetus. However, this factor is usually pre-detected and treated in women who are given appropriate prenatal medical assistance,
  • Various inherited and genetic conditions,
  • Problems and complications that arise at the time of childbirth,
  • Premature delivery of child,
  • Below average weight of the child at the time of birth (precisely if the child weighs less than 2 pounds),
  • Jaundice post birth,
  • Birth of multiple children such as twins or triplets,
  • When sufficient oxygen is not supplied to the brain before, during, or post childbirth.

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