Parents of a Child Suffering a Birth Injury Endure a Range of Difficult Emotions

Unfortunately, not all childbirths go smoothly and come off without incident or without problems. Mothers and infants can both be harmed during birth for many reasons, and the results of these types of injuries can be devastating. For parents whose child is badly injured while in the process of being born, taking the next steps that are necessary can be extremely difficult. For those whose child has been injured because of mistakes made by medical professionals, help from experienced New York medical malpractice lawyers is advisable. Below is an overview of emotions experienced by parents in this position.


While every parent experiences some level of fear and anxiety going into a birth, few really take a step back and consider what it would be like for their child to be seriously injured while he or she is being delivered. Therefore, parents whose children are harmed in this manner often react immediately with shock because they simply have not considered this possibility. Shock is obviously an emotion that makes it difficult to make clear and sound decisions.


Clearly, any parent who sees harm done to his or her child is going to react instinctively, and one of the emotions that arises because of instinct is anger. When parents learn that their child has been severely harmed because of a mistake made by doctors during birth, anger is also a common reaction. Most people understand that anger can be extremely powerful in nature and that it can override any ability to make thoughtful and rational decisions.


Another emotion that parents will feel on an instinctual level with regards to their children is fear. When a child is badly injured during childbirth, parents will likely begin to fear what the future could hold for that little boy or little girl. He or she may need ongoing medical care or he or she may face a quality of life that is simply not to the standard of what the parents had hoped for prior to the birth.

Of course, there are many other emotions that parents could feel when their child is harmed during birth, but the bottom line is that these emotions do not lend themselves well to the process of protecting and enforcing legal rights. If you have suffered through this experience, seek the help of New York medical malpractice lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of families for more than 40 years. Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.