New Treatment Technique Emerging for Cerebral Palsy Patients Regarding Bone and Muscle Tissue


People who deal with cerebral palsy every day of their lives face all sorts of different struggles that can change over time. That’s because the limitations forced upon someone by cerebral palsy are such that they can lead to their own consequences and in turn cause even more suffering and pain for those who fight this brave fight. For instance, it’s quite common for bones and muscle tissue to become weaker over time simply because they are not used regularly if that part of the body is immobile or not used properly because of some other aspect of the disease.

This is a problem that thousands of people in the United States face, and this weakened condition can involve extreme pain and other problems including a drop in the likelihood that someone will ever be able to regain use of that part of the body as they work through physical rehabilitation. Fortunately, it appears that a new treatment technique could be in the offing that will make this entire problem less of a challenge for cerebral palsy patients.

Researchers in New Zealand have been working with a technique known as whole body vibration. This technique involves having the patient stand on a machine that forces the body to move by way of prompting the pelvis to tilt. This tilting motion is similar to walking. However, this machine puts the pelvis through this motion at a much higher rate than if someone were walking naturally. This technique has been used on otherwise healthy adults in the past and it’s led to beneficial results.

When it was tested on cerebral palsy patients, the results were equally as encouraging. Those who took part in this treatment approach soon developed more bone and muscle mass in areas that had been losing it based on disuse. This mass helped the patients regain at least some of their posture and it helped them to move towards a degree of mobility that they did not enjoy before this treatment was provided for them.

The results of the research were presented to a conference in San Francisco recently, and the call was made to study this issue more closely and with more subjects. If it turns out to be as beneficial in others as it has shown to this point, it could lead to more applications and ultimately to a better quality of life for people with cerebral palsy who otherwise struggle with mobility.

People who struggle with cerebral palsy are an inspiration to know considering all that they overcome on a daily basis. It’s still difficult for them and for their families, though, especially when that cerebral palsy is the result of a mistake that was made by medical professionals while that child was in the process of being born. If this has happened to you or to someone you love, contact the New York medical malpractice lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.