Chemical Birth Defects and Avoiding Exposure to Toxic Substances


There are many different steps that need to be taken when a woman is pregnant that will minimize the chance that the child will be harmed and ultimately be born with birth defects. Expecting mothers are generally not expected to consume alcohol and they are definitely not supposed to smoke cigarettes or any other tobacco products. Those are well-known pieces of advice for women to adhere to during this special but sensitive time. There are other steps that need to be taken including the avoidance of exposure to substances that could prove to be toxic and harmful to the child as he or she develops in the womb.

If you become pregnant, you should start to take stock of what you tend to be around in terms of chemicals on a regular basis. You should talk to your doctor about any and all of these substances so that he or she can advise you as to what you should avoid. This discussion should also include any medications that you are taking so that any changes that need to be made in that regard can be made quickly and before any exposure becomes problematic.

Doctors who care for pregnant women are supposed to be well schooled in terms of what substances can cause harm and they are supposed to help mothers find ways to avoid them. Examples of substances that can be toxic to infants while they are in the womb include chemicals present at dry cleaners, radiation from X-ray machines, compounds found in gasoline and several different types of medication that include many that are used for epilepsy and migraine headaches.

If a doctor that is providing prenatal care for an expecting mother knows that his or her patient is being exposed to any of these substances and nothing is done to prevent further exposure, it could be seen as negligent medical care if that child is ultimately born with birth defects. Examples of birth defects that can result from exposure to these substances can range from cleft lip and/or palate to heart and brain malformations and even fetal death in some extreme situations. The worst part of all of this is that for the most part, these birth defects can be avoided with sound medical advice and some discipline on the part of the expecting mother.

When a child is born with a severe birth defect, it could impact his or her life on a permanent basis, which is a steep price to pay for any child and that child’s family. That’s why doctors who fail to help mothers avoid these situations need to be held accountable for the harm that was done and so that families can provide the care that their children will need. If your child was born with birth defects due to toxic exposure that was not avoided, contact the New York medical malpractice lawyers at The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.