5 Troubling Statistics Regarding Birth Injuries in the United States

Birth is a complicated process, and even though it’s been happening since before history was even recorded the fact of the matter is that a lot can go wrong during the delivery of any newborn. As such, it is always a minor miracle when a baby emerges from its mother happy and healthy and with no complications or problems. Many deliveries go terribly wrong for many reasons, and many of these births involve complications that simply cannot be avoided despite the best efforts of the medical professionals overseeing these births.

Unfortunately, there are also many births that turn in the wrong direction because of mistakes made by those who were supposed to keep everyone involved as safe as possible. These mistakes can devastate families for generations, and those who find themselves in this position need to stand up for themselves in every way possible. Some may not be totally aware of how often this occurs, but below are 5 troubling facts regarding what are considered avoidable birth injuries in the United States as compiled by the federal government.

  1. 157,000 Avoidable Injuries

The first statistic that relates to this problem states that more than 157,000 infants and mothers are injured in what are recorded as ‘avoidable’ incidents in the United States every year. That’s equates to more than 430 people every single day or nearly 18 people every hour.

  1. Nearly 9,000 Newborns Injured

The statistics also indicated that nearly 9,000 newborns are injured every year in the United States while in the process of being delivered. That’s nearly 25 children every single day and more than one child every hour.

  1. Obstetric Trauma for Mothers – Vaginal Delivery and Instrument Used

More than 42,000 women are injured while giving birth in the United States every year when they are delivering vaginally and instruments are used to aid in the birth. That equates to more than 115 mothers every day and nearly 5 every hour.

  1. Obstetric Trauma for Mothers – Vaginal Delivery and No Instrument Used

Many would guess that the chance for injuring the mother drops when no instrument is used during a vaginal birth, but the fact of the matter is that more than 101,000 mothers are injured in this manner every year across the country.

  1. Obstetric Trauma for Mothers – Cesarean Delivery

Finally, more than 5,200 women are injured every year while in the process of giving birth who are undergoing a C-section. Many would think that mistakes would be avoided during this process, but more than 14 mothers are harmed every day in this circumstance.

Obviously, avoidable birth traumas are a serious problem in the United States. People are avoidably injured every hour somewhere across the country. People who suffer in this manner need to hold those responsible for this terrible form of harm accountable. If this includes you, contact the New York birth injury lawyers at the Fitzgerald Law Firm, P.C., today to schedule a free initial consultation.