Study Reveals Link Between Flu and Fever During Pregnancy and Increased Risk of Autism

Specifically, a study was recently done by Danish researchers that appeared in the periodical Pediatrics that looked at over 97,000 births that occurred between 1997 and 2003.  Of those 97,000 subjects, approximately one percent were diagnosed with some form of autism, and several potential links including mild respiratory and sinus infections that occurred during pregnancy were dismissed based on the study’s results.

However, the researchers did find that of the women who reported that they had fought through a bout of influenza had children who were diagnosed with autism at twice the rate of those children whose mothers did not deal with this health issue while pregnant.  In addition, mothers who reported that they had endured a fever that lasted for more than seven days prior to 32 weeks of pregnancy had children that were three times as likely as the others to be diagnosed with this condition.

The researchers used this conclusion to suggest to all mothers who become pregnant to obtain influenza shots and to make sure that if they develop a fever that they seek immediate medical attention to bring that fever under control as quickly as possible.  These preventative steps could minimize the risk of autism developing in their children.

Autism and Medical Negligence

As stated above, there has not yet been a definitive cause of autism that has been identified.  However, there are situations where medical negligence could play a part in its development.  For instance, if a mother is ill during a pregnancy for an extended period of time and the medical professionals providing her prenatal care do not take the appropriate steps to combat this illness, it could lead to the infliction of harm on the fetus that could ultimately lead to a diagnosis of autism.  There are other examples of where this could occur, but the bottom line is that there is no cure for autism and those who suffer from it will need different forms and degrees of ongoing care to manage it properly.

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