Study from England Challenges Several Generally Held Beliefs Regarding Autism and Communication

Autism And Communication-1

There are several well known facts relating to children who have autism, and one of them states that approximately 25 percent of all autistic children experience difficulties with communicating with others. There are other challenges faced by children who are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, but many of those other challenges are made more difficult by the fact that they cannot speak well enough such that parents and medical professionals will understand what they are trying to say within a given context. As a result of this reality, many people around the world have been trying to teach autistic children to communicate by way of sign language. It has long been thought that this type of communication would be of benefit to people who struggle with this condition, as it provides a non-verbal way for children to exchange ideas with others. Almost all autistic children who struggle with verbal communication continue to face this difficult challenge into their adult years. However, researchers at the University of Birmingham in England have recently completed a study of data that tends to challenge the veracity of this widely held belief. Their research also uncovered the possibility of using another form of communication for autistic children that until this point was thought to be without much use. Specifically, the researchers reviewed cases of autistic children from around the world and found that communicating with pictures instead of with sign language could prove to be more effective. They also found that providing rewards for any attempts at verbal communication led to positive reinforcement that prompted additional attempts to verbalize. For many years, pictures and verbal communication attempts were thought to be of no real value with autistic children, but this study found that there is little if any value present in attempting to communicate via sign language for many children. That does not mean that some children do not succeed with sign language, but the results of the analysis tend to fly in the face of many long-held assumptions. The truth of the matter is that autism spectrum disorder is a medical situation that presents a challenge for everyone involved, including the child, any siblings that are present, parents and medical practitioners. No two cases of autism are ever exactly alike, thereby requiring unique steps for each case that arises. There could be many cases where communicating with photos will provide breakthroughs that can make everyone’s life better and easier. As anyone with an autistic child can attest to, this is a very difficult condition to manage and to control. When children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder and it was the result of a mistake made by medical professionals during birth, it presents a truly difficult situation in which autism could have been avoided. Parents who find themselves in this situation need to make sure that they speak to New York medical malpractice lawyers who understand these cases. If this has happened to you or someone you love, contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.