This Study Confirms Birth Complications That Can Lead to Autism

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In a just-published study, researchers have confirmed that children who experience birth injuries or other complications during birth are more likely to develop autism spectrum disorder (ASD) than children who don’t.

In this issue, we’ll break down the specifics of the study and what it means.

The Study at a Glance

Researchers with Kaiser Permanente – a not-for-profit health plan provider – studied the health records of nearly 600,000 children who were born in Southern California between 1991 – 2009.

Of that group, 6,255 were diagnosed with ASD – 37% of whom had suffered complications before or during their delivery.

Broken down even further, the numbers revealed that children were

  • 10% more likely to develop ASD if they experienced complications during birth than children who did not
  • 22% more likely to develop ASD if they were exposed to complications before labor began
  • 44% more likely to develop ASD if they suffered complications both before and after delivery

Complications That Can Lead to ASD

The study showed that the complications occurring just before or after delivery that have the strongest connection with ASD were:

  • Birth asphyxia
    When the baby is deprived of oxygen during delivery; this can be caused by a number of factors, including – but definitely not limited to – the umbilical cord being pinched, the airway being blocked or the placenta separating too soon from the uterus
  • Preeclampsia
    A condition during pregnancy in which the mother’s blood pressure becomes high and begins to damage other organs of her own and the child.

Other types of birth injuries that are known to contribute to the onset of autism include:

  • Too much pressure being put on the child’s head/brain during delivery
  • Failure to perform a C-section delivery when problems arise
  • Misuse of forceps
  • Overuse of vacuum extraction device

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