New York Injury Lawyers Helping Clients with Insurance Bad Faith

People have long purchased insurance policies for many different reasons.  Whether they purchase medical insurance, homeowner’s insurance, auto insurance or some other type of coverage, the reason they do so is to protect themselves from unforeseen situations that could lead to losses.  As such, people only tend to deal with an insurance company other than when purchasing a policy and paying the premiums when they need them the most.  Unfortunately, too many people are disappointed with the results of dealing with their insurance companies that refuse to approve valid claims for coverage.Fortunately, people who are having serious problems with their insurance company do have legal rights and options for recourse.  However, analyzing these options is extremely difficult for someone without a legal background.  Below you will find a brief overview of the issues that relate to what is known as insurance bad faith.  Anyone who has encountered this serious and stressful problem needs to obtain the help of experienced New York personal injury lawyers as soon as possible.

Insurance Policies Described

Most people who have purchased insurance policies understand that these policies are basically contracts that provide each party with legal rights and duties.  The insurance company has the right to be paid for the coverage provided and the duty to pay out valid claims.  The policyholder has the right to recover on valid claims as long as he or she fulfills the duty of paying the premiums.  When one party does not uphold its duty, the other party’s rights are violated.

Insurance Bad Faith Described

One of the most common ways that this situation arises involves the filing of a valid claim that is not approved without a good reason.  Insurance companies will engage in certain tactics in order to avoid paying claims, and these tactics generally involve either unreasonably delaying the process relating to a claim or simply refusing to approve it without providing any explanation.  When insurance bad faith situations arise, policyholders can quickly become desperate because an unforeseen situation is what led them to file that claim in the first place.

How New York Personal Injury Lawyers Can Help

When someone encounters an insurance bad faith situation, they often feel as though they have nowhere to turn for help.  That’s because insurance companies are large corporations with highly skilled attorneys working for their best interests.  An individual consumer working against them alone is simply no match for all of these professional resources.  As such, too many people simply accept a negative result as opposed to fighting for what is legitimately theirs and insurance companies thereby get to avoid fulfilling their contractual duties.

If you or someone you love has had problems with an insurance company, you need to seek the help of New York personal injury lawyers who have been fighting on behalf of clients for more than 40 years.  Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.