New York Car Accident Lawyers Discussing Tailgating Crash Statistics


Below you will find a brief overview of the statistics that relate to New York car accidents that are caused by a tailgating driver.  You will also find information regarding the potential damages that could be recovered by someone who has been injured by a motorist who committed this mistake.  Anyone who faces this scenario needs to obtain the help of experienced New York car accident lawyers as soon as possible.

New York Car Accident Statistics – Tailgating Recorded as Cause

When one reviews the statistics that relate to New York car accidents that were caused because one of the motorists was tailgating another, it shouldn’t take long for anyone to realize the scope of this problem.  Every year in the state, more than 40,000 of these crashes occur, and nearly 20,000 of these crashes lead to at least one serious injury.  In addition, nearly 20 New York car accidents caused by tailgating are fatal on an annual basis.

New York Car Accidents – The Potential Legal Fallout

As can be seen above, more than 20,000 people are injured in New York car accidents every year because someone was following too closely.  Therefore, it’s likely that thousands of people are seriously injured through little or no fault of their own.  People who find themselves in this position often encounter difficulty with successfully defending their legal rights.  That’s because they lack a legal background and because they are already dealing with enormously stressful issues including the fight for a medical recovery.

However, people who obtain the help of New York car accident lawyers will be able to fight back.  They can do so by filing a New York personal injury lawsuit against the party responsible for the harm that was suffered.  If such a lawsuit is filed and it’s successful, a plaintiff could recover damages for such losses as medical costs, lost income and pain and suffering among other forms of recovery depending on the specifics of the situation.

If you or someone you love has been injured because another motorist was following too closely, you need to seek the help of New York car accident lawyers who understand what it takes to make sure that those who are responsible for doling out this type of harm are held accountable.  Doing so can make the difference between realizing a recovery or suffering needlessly in the years to come.  Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.