Learn How One State is Using Hidden Cameras to Fight Elder Abuse

One state is answering a rise in complaints against home care providers accused of elder abuse by loaning out hidden cameras to residents. We’ll talk about it in this issue.

Why is the state taking such action?

Citing a rise in disciplinary cases against home care providers, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office has launched a new program named Safe Care Cam. Through the program, the office will loan hidden cameras to New Jersey residents who feel their elderly or infirm relatives may be at risk of abuse from home care workers.

In the last two (2) years, the number of disciplinary cases against home care workers has doubled – from 140 in 2014 to over 300 this year.

Is there proof that the cameras will catch elder abuse?

During a press conference announcing the launch of Safe Care Cam, New Jersey Attorney General Christopher Porrino played three video clips capturing patient abuse.

The videos depicted a 91-year-old Alzheimer’s patient being roughly force-fed; a 26-year-old man on a ventilator being slapped; and an elderly woman who fell to the floor of her home being ignored.

“Cameras don’t lie,” said Porrino, “and the abuses they’ve revealed are shocking.”

How well hidden are the cameras?

The micro-surveillance cameras are designed to be embedded in everyday household objects or will closely resemble them.

For example, one camera displayed at the news conference was designed and built to look like a cell phone wall charger.

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