Premature Preterm Rupture of Membranes – Why PPROM is Dangerous


It is almost mindboggling to consider all of the different biological processes that must take place during a pregnancy in order for both the mother and the child to emerge strong and healthy. Perhaps we don’t consider all of these steps because so many people are born successfully, but the fact of the matter is that if even one seemingly small thing goes wrong during a pregnancy, the consequences can be severe and disastrous. This is why quality medical care is critically important for both the mother and the infant, and why any mistakes made by medical professionals can be tragic.

Below you will find a brief overview of one of the many things that can go wrong during a pregnancy that can lead to serious harm in an infant. This problem is known as Premature Preterm Rupture of Membranes, or PPROM. Anyone whose child has been harmed because of a case of PPROM that was not treated properly should seek the help of experienced New York medical malpractice lawyers as soon as possible.

Premature Preterm Rupture of Membranes – An Introduction to PPROM

PPROM is a condition that arises during pregnancy whereby the sac holding the infant and the amniotic fluid breaks and begins to leak. It generally occurs between 24 and 37 weeks of gestation, and it usually leads to the mother delivering the baby within a few days of its appearance unless steps are taken. Fortunately, most mothers will recognize that something is wrong during the relatively early stages of PPROM, as its symptoms include fluid leakage, vaginal bleeding, discharge and pressure on the pelvic region that does not feel like contractions. These symptoms will prompt mothers to seek medical attention.

If they do obtain medical attention and the diagnosis of PPROM is made properly with the help of a pelvic exam or an ultrasound, the situation can be minimized in terms of the danger posed to the child. The biggest risks that could become problems include a very premature delivery and/or the spread of infection to the relatively exposed child. Many mothers with PPROM will be admitted to the hospital and monitored closely, and many others are placed on strict bed rest in hopes of delaying the premature birth as long as possible.

Failure to Diagnose PPROM

If a medical professional does not recognize the presence of PPROM and simply sends the mother home, the results can be disastrous. If the child is delivered too early, he or she could face enormous complications and challenges throughout his or her life. If an infection creeps in, it could do damage to the child’s brain, heart or even threaten his or her life. That’s why an accurate diagnosis is critical.

If your child has suffered because of PPROM or any other condition that should have been caught and diagnosed, you need to seek the help of New York medical malpractice lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of families for more than 40 years. Contact The Fitzgerald Law Firm today to schedule a free initial consultation.