Delayed C-Section Birth Leads to Cerebral Palsy and $3.3 Million Settlement

c-section birth injury

The family of a boy in Ireland has been awarded $3.3 million in a settlement with the hospital where he was born.

The Case at a Glance

When the boy’s mother arrived at the hospital for delivery, she was already 10 days overdue. Despite clear signs of fetal distress, neither an obstetrician nor senior member of the obstetrics team was summoned.

It was 9 am when the mother checked into the hospital and 10:30 pm when an emergency cesarean section delivery was ordered – a delay of 13.5 hours!

Following his birth, the boy required resuscitation. By then, he had suffered significant brain injuries as well as mental and physical disabilities.

The boy, now 12, developed cerebral palsy, and will require full-time care for the remainder of his life.

While he does attend school, the boy is unable to speak but is responsive – especially to music.

Risks of Delaying C-Section Delivery

There are a host of reasons why your doctor may recommend a C-section delivery. That’s why it’s absolutely critical that the attending doctor and delivery room team continuously monitor the prenatal health of both the fetus and mother for signs of distress or other potential complications.

If the fetus is left in the birth canal too long, a brain injury from lack of oxygen becomes a serious risk and can lead directly to cerebral palsy.

Having to be removed quickly and forcefully with the use of forceps can lead to:

  • The development of Erb’s palsy
  • Damage to the Brachial plexus nerve fibers that control movements of the shoulder, arm and hand

The Fitzgerald Law Firm: Champions for Those Harmed by Negligence of Others

Many factors can lead to a C-section delivery being delayed. Unfortunately, most of them stem from medical personnel failing to monitor both mother and child throughout the labor process or simply failing to recognize that the baby is in fetal distress.

We realize that mistakes are bound to happen. But when those mistakes lead to life-long difficulties for others, it’s crucial that the person or persons responsible be held accountable.

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