Bystander Killed in Freak Construction Site Accident

construction accident kills bystanderAccording to recent reports, a Philadelphia woman was killed in Manhattan on Tuesday night when a piece of plywood fell from a construction site and hit her.

The victim, 37-year old Tram Thuy Nguyen, was on the opposite side of the street from the construction zone when a 4-by-8-foot piece of construction fence loosened and struck her. Reports say that Nguyen, a real estate agent, had moved to New York to be with her fiancé, whom she was planning on marrying in July.

After the accident, the city issued a stop-work order on the building. The general contractor on the project, Turner Construction Co., is currently working with authorities as well as conducting its own investigation.

Construction Accidents and Bystanders

It is well-known that construction sites are dangerous places. Workers are required to wear proper safety equipment and to be covered by workers’ compensation. However, innocent bystanders who happen to be injured when passing by a construction zone are not covered by workers’ compensation because they are not workers at the site. So how do they receive compensation for their damages?

Construction accidents that involve bystanders or non-employees are treated just like a normal personal injury case. The injured party may file a lawsuit against the general contractor who is in charge of the construction site. However, victims may also be able to sue the contractor’s insurance company and any other responsible parties like subcontractors or negligent employees.

To recover damages in a special case like this, the victim and his or her attorney must show:

  • The person or business was negligent, whether acting intentionally or accidentally
  • The negligence or intentional act was what caused the accident
  • The accident caused injury and/or death

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